The OKBDC Advantage                                 

Choosing a Professional to Design Your Building

The Oklahoma Building Designers Corporation (OKBDC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting quality standards for the profession of Building Design. OKBDC represents professional building designers who work within a full spectrum from residential to commercial and industrial. Our members consist of building designers, registered interior designers, and architects who specialize in the design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial building projects. 

OKBDC members understand that the individual planning a renovation project, the construction of a new home, or capital investment in a building for a new business deserves design services with the highest professional and ethical standards. OKBDC members are dedicated to providing this specialized service.

OKBDC is also meeting the challenge of the future by educating our members about new and improved building materials, methods of construction, and how the principles of classical architecture can be used in today’s designs to create a timeless and enduring appeal.